Collars preventing cruelty across the world.*

When a dog is immunised against rabies, it is given a collar to show local people it's protected. Thanks to the help of WSPA supporters, we have been able to put collars on many dogs in countries like Bali. In other countries, there's still a way to go before the needless killing stops.

*Countries listed are examples of WSPA's projects. All funds raised will contribute to WSPA's work to prevent animal cruelty around the world, which includes stopping the inhumane culling of dogs.


In Bangladesh, we can stop thousands of dogs from being killed.

HOW A COLLAR HELPS:Fear of rabies means over 70 dogs are cruelly killed in Bangladesh every day. Since Sept 2011, WSPA has been working with the national government to implement a mass vaccination campaign in Cox’s Bazar. However we still require your help to proceed in a united way to help eliminate rabies without the need to cull dogs. Buy a collar today and help us save thousands of dogs in the first year alone.